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Vapor King has announced the introduction of its new disposable electronic cigarette.

While disposable e-cigs are by no means rare, they are less prevalent than regular electronic cigarettes and to some are less ecological and counter to what motivates them to go digital.

But the disposable model is a good idea if you aren’t sure you’ll enjoy the experience of vaping, and you don’t feel ready to invest in a starter kit and the associated, more permanent trappings of battery chargers, cartridges, and atomizers.

Each one is good for about 500 puffs or the equivalent of  2 packs of ordinary cigarettes. A good deal, considering these disposables come at for less than 40 dollars.

With about¬†16mg of nicotine each, they may be a little stronger or weaker than what you’re used to, but that is something that can be adjusted once you graduate to non-disposable electronic smokes.

These are definitely something to try if even one-time, as a lark, because you’re under no obligations to maintain a system; just go back to messy, stinky cancer sticks if you don’t like the cheaper, safer and cleaner value of vaping.

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