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Zaza is a brand that has been in business for several years. Within that time frame, it has released multiple vape products that have gradually become a staple for cannabinoid lovers. Its latest release is the Zaza High noon delta 10 disposable vape, a device that is convenient, highly functional, stylish, easy to use, portable, and full of flavors. Below is everything you need to know about this Zaza disposable vape;

Product features

Automatic firing mechanism

Zaza High Noon Delta 10 disposable vape is a device that brings convenience to your doorstep. It is an easy-to start since it uses an automatic firing mechanism. With this mechanism, the use of buttons is reduced, making your device highly functional. This device is easy to handle for both first-time smokers and expert smokers.

Distillate capacity

This device vape has a high distillate capacity of 2 grams that blends delta 10, delta 8, THC-P, and strain-specific terpenes. If you are seeking a device with a high capacity of distillate, this Zaza noon Delta 10 is your best choice.

Integrated battery

The vape has an integrated battery supporting 2ml of distillate. This battery is high capacity and comes pre-charged to last you through the whole session. The rechargeable battery makes it easier to enjoy until the last vape without worrying about running out of power. With this battery, your vaping sessions are guaranteed longer and uninterrupted.


Zaza high upon delta 10 disposable vape is an elegantly designed, sleek, and classy device. This device is lean and fits into the palm of your hand without much hassle. It is easy to move around with it since it comfortably fits into the palm of your hand and into tiny pockets.


To avoid spillage of the distillate when using this device, this Zaza vape has an ergonomic mouthpiece. The mouthpiece curves into your mouth, locking tightly to avoid accidental spills. Zaza high noon Delta 10 disposable vape will give you a unique experience that allows you to use all your distillate without spills.

Delta 9

Zaza high noon delta 10 disposable vape has a significant proportion of delta 9, less than 0.3%. This proportion is crucial for you because it has therapeutic effects. It works in unison with other compounds to provide heightened benefits. Delta 9 helps with symptoms associated with some conditions, including insomnia, low appetite, anxiety, and nausea. The cannabinoid is available within the set legal limits. 


Zaza High noon delta 10 disposable vape has a variety of flavors that are either Indica, Sativa, or hybrid-dominated. Each of these flavors delivers different effects, depending on the dominant strain present. If you want a vape with organic terpenes with wholesome flavors, this Zaza high noon delta 10 disposable vape is here for you. The flavors are candy land, green crack, watermelon Kush, super jack, purple punch, and cereal milk.


This device provides solid performance and comes at an affordable price. The mouthwatering flavors are sure to keep you coming back for more. Cake has utilized a lot of effort to create this vape and its build and performance are evidence of this. The vape is highly recommended. 

Where to purchase the Zaza High noon delta 10 disposable vape

You can purchase the Zaza High noon delta 10 disposable vape vape directly from the Superstrain website for $27.99 each. This is the leading online vape store that stocks a wide range of products to suit the needs of different consumers. Visit the site today and enjoy multiple deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders above $29.99.

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