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When it comes to disposable vapes, one of the most popular brands on the market right now is the Flum Float. A great selection of disposable vapes that provide up to 3000 puffs for each device. The Flum Floats are an excellent choice for first-time vapers or those wishing to try something new in the form of a disposable device.

In this guide, we’ll look at 5 of the top flum float flavor selections and explain why they’re the best in the brand’s collection. Hopefully, a flum float flavor review like this one will help you choose which ones are the best for flavor and overall taste pleasure. Let’s get straight into the flum flavors:

  1. Mixed Berries

First up are the mixed berries flum float vapes, which are regarded as one of the most popular disposable device flavor selections. It’s one of the greatest sellers, which isn’t surprising given the delicious blend of berries, including raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.

This flum float disposable vape has 8ml of vape juice and is formulated with salt nicotine for a pleasant hit every time.

2. Strawberry Ice Cream

If you enjoy dessert flavors, Strawberry Ice Cream is a step up from mixed berries. It’s an excellent choice for an after-dinner dessert, with its sweet strawberry and creamy ice cream combination. Out with friends or family, it’s the ideal choice for those who like a different type of dessert – vape juice!

Ideal for individuals with a sweet craving, this lightweight device can hold up to 3000 puffs

3. Lush Ice

One of the most popular flavors for Flum float disposable devices is Lush Ice. Another best-seller, this watermelon flavoring is as cool and delicious as it gets. It’s the ideal mix for summer when you want to be calm and composed.

Watermelon is a popular flavor among most vapers, and when mixed with the icy, fresh mint, it’s a treat for the taste buds. It is a combination that has undoubtedly been replicated by many vape companies on the market today.

4. Aloe Grape

The Flum Float disposable vape comes in a variety of flavors, including the odd Aloe Grape. It’s an excellent choice for individuals seeking a refreshing, flavorful taste. The aloe vera flavoring may not appeal to everyone, but when mixed with the grape flavor, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for the greatest grape flavor vapes.

The Flum float disposable vape is a popular choice due to its pre-filled and pre-charged design, as well as its draw activation firing mechanism.

5. Cool Mint

The Flum float disposable device in Cool Mint always provides a refreshing hit. If you prefer savory vape flavors, you’ll adore this disposable vape device. With 3000 puffs, the refreshing menthol finish is comparable to smoking regular cigarettes.

With each hit of this fresh minty flavor, you can stay cool during the summer months with this vape. This minty taste is a popular summer poolside favorite and should be added to your collection of Flum vapor’s delectable flavors.

Final Note.

It is essential to state that these are just our top 5 best Flum Float disposable vapes flavors. Any vaper can disagree with the list, rightly so as taste preference on an individual choice. However, these picks are undisputable among the flavors you will enjoy, notwithstanding how picky you may be.

All these flavors and the others are available on West Coast Vape Supply just for you.

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