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Product Description

The Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape has a lot to offer, and its superb selection of flavors is not all. It will coat your airways with a variety of delectably crafted tastes. This incredibly well-made disposable vape device delivers up to 2500 puffs per unit, has a large battery capacity, and has a vape juice capacity that matches it. Even though it is small and lightweight, this handy disposable vaping device has a lot to offer. We have not even mentioned the incredible variety of flavors that will make your mouth water.

The Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape is made of sturdy materials, ensuring that its life span will not be cut short due to drops while using it, and it can withstand daily use. With a cylindrical shape and a big mouthpiece, it is also made to have a striking appearance. Though compact, the device maintains its portable design even though it houses a 1100mAh integrated battery. The device also has a 6mL vape juice capacity that uses 5% (50mg) salt nicotine in a variety of flavor combinations.

Enjoy up to 2500 puffs per unit for even longer sessions and greater pleasure. The Esco bar vape uses a mesh coil to give it some muscle and ensure that every puff delivers a consistent and pronounced flavor every time. This device offers an effortless vaping experience because it is pre-charged, pre-filled, and has a draw-activated firing mechanism. To ensure that you get the best of both worlds, Esco Bars has partnered with a number of brands.

Flavor Profile

Perhaps there’s no vape device on the market with as many flavors as the Esco Bars Mesh disposable vape with its 42 delectable flavors. However, some of the flavors stand out and are worthy of a mention

  • Bubblegum Ice: With this incredible fusion of flavors, dive into a mouthwatering flavor experience. Each puff will satisfy you because it is the ideal combination of bubblegum with that traditional candy finish and an excellent menthol blend. We can not wait for you to try it; it is an all-day vape for sure.
  • Blue Raspberry: Nothing tastes more delicious than blue raspberry flavor. Given that it offers that flavor everyone adores, this one-flavor combination will undoubtedly become a favorite in your rotation of daily vapes. Enjoy the tartness and sweetness of this delectable vape.
  • Strawberry Ice: You will not want to miss out on this intriguing flavor combination, so fill your mouth with it. It offers you yet another incredible flavor by combining menthol and strawberries to produce a juicy and refreshing taste you will call a favorite.
  • Red Apple: You probably have a clear idea of what to anticipate from a Red Apple flavor, and this one will not disappoint. It provides the same true-to-life crisp and juicy red apple flavor, leaving you with a pleasant flavor memory that lingers after each puff.
  • Peach Ice: There is nothing better than this vape juice blend, whether you are looking for a new flavor to add to your collection or you need to switch things up. Juicy peaches and the coldest menthol combine to create a mouthwatering flavor experience that is perfect for summer.
  • Watermelon Ice: Enjoy this exceptional flavor, which we can not wait for you to try. You will adore this marvelous menthol and watermelon vape juice blend, which has a mouthwatering watermelon flavor. Everyone has grown to know and love this flavor because it is a classic.

Product Features

  • Disposable Design
  • Pre-Filled
  • Pre-Charged
  • 2500 Puffs
  • 6ML Capacity
  • Integrated 1100mAh Battery
  • 50MG Salt Nicotine

Product Includes

  • 1 x Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape

Price and Availability.

This mouthwatering Esco Bars Mesh Disposable Vape device is a device that will get you glued to vaping. You can order it on west coast vape supply for $12.99 only.

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