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Experience perfection with the Drag Nano 2 from Voopoo. The gadget is an upgrade of previous devices from the Drag series collection. From its appearance to its feel, performance, and longevity, you can tell that this is a stellar device which ought to be part of your collection. If you are looking for a reliable device that will provide comfort, class, flexibility, and long-term use, look no further than thus Nano Royale device – the Drag Nano 2. 

About Voopoo 

Voopoo is a leading electronic cigarette brand founded in 2014. The company has risen ranks to become a leader in its field. This has been made possible through its diligence in providing vape enthusiasts with top-notch products and exceptional customer service. Voopoo is involved in the integration of product R&D, manufacturing, sales, and brand operation. The Drag nano 2 is one of its best-selling products, thanks to the outstanding features highlighted below. 

Product description

Compact, sleek, and sturdy 

The Drag Nano 2 is one of the smallest vaping devices you will ever come across. This compact device perfectly fits in the palm of your hands, making it easy to carry around. Additionally, the stainless steel allows the gadget to be conveniently carried around the neck, which is ideal for people who are always on the move. The Drag Nano 2 is made with zinc alloy and leather material, giving it a classy and aesthetic look. The matte finish provides a firm grip, so you no longer have to worry about dropping it. 

Powerful battery and adjustable power output

This vape device comes with a powerful, inbuilt, and rechargeable 800mAh that promises a full day of vaping. The Drag Nano 2 charges within record time, allowing you to go back to your vaping session. Enjoy the exceptional flavor and vapor production this device offers that will keep you coming back for more. Drag Nano 2 has a power output ranging from 8 W to 20W, which can be adjusted using the three pre-set power levels. The power output selected is displayed by three-colour LED lights: white for high power, green for mid-power, and blue for low power. 

Airflow system 

Regardless of the coil of choice, the Drag Nano 2 has a fully adjustable single lever slider control on the front edge of the device. This allows you to control the flavor to your liking. The diversity is an exciting feature for vapers who want to have a different experience each time they vape. 

Top e-juice filling and visible cartridge

Refilling your device has never been this easy and convenient. With the Drag Nano 2, you no longer have to remove the cartridge: simply remove the clamshell and the silicone plug from the top, refill your favorite e-juice and close it up. Fill the pod up to the three-quarter mark and let the e-juice stand for 5 to 10 minutes for maximum absorption. The transparent cartridge allows you to keep track of the vape juice, preventing surprises during vaping sessions. 

Superfast ignition 

Voopoo utilizes gene technology plus an extremely sensitive atomizer to guarantee you a lighting speed ignition time. 

It comes with two pods.

The Drag Nano 2 package includes two pods: 0.8 Ω and 1.2 Ω, which provide you with varying experiences in terms of flavor and vapor production. The device is also compatible with the Vinci pod cartridge, so you always have a second option. 

Where to buy the Drag Nano 2

The Nano Royale – Drag Nano 2 can be purchased straight from the Voopoo website for $33.99.

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