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A37 disposable vape is a unique device with one of the highest puff count in the market. It gives 10000 puffs per device, enough to last a week or two, depending on your vaping frequency. A37 disposable vape houses a powerful battery with a capacity of 650mAh. This battery is strong enough to fire up all puffs effortlessly.

A37 disposable vape is a time-conscious device that employs the draw-activated firing mechanism to save time that could be used locating and pressing buttons. A single draw gets the device running. This mechanism also ensures thick and flavorful vapor clouds are achieved in every hit.

Despite the A37 disposable vape having a high puff count and powerful battery capacity, it is a compact device that fits into your pockets easily. It also has an oil filling capacity of 20ml to give you a flawless vaping experience.

The flexibility of the A37 disposable vape allows you to choose your preferred nicotine level to include in your order. The device comes in 4 nicotine concentrations – 0%, 2%, 3.5%, and 5%. This means that you can decide to purchase this device as a nicotine free vape disposable


A37 disposable vape has various flavors made using the latest technology and under the supervision of expert mixologists. These flavors are;

Strawberry ice cream

This flavor is a classic pair of strawberries and cream dipped in rich, vaguely sweet dairy. It is an interesting flavor that implants a tantalizing taste on your tongue. The icy feel leaves your mouth feeling fresh and minty all day long.

Mango ice

A perfect imitation of mango and menthol that has not been seen before. It has an icy menthol blast on top of the little notes of black currant.

Peach ice

 Peach ice flavor has a unique taste that is not too sweet but has a chilled peach taste. It is topped with a strong kick of ice to start your day.

Cola ice

A sweet and icy taste is made by mixing menthol and caffeine. It is a refreshing flavor with a menthol twist that will have you craving the next puff.

Bubble gum

Like the name, this flavor makes you feel like you are in a bubble of joy and fulfillment. It gets your tongue excited with a long-lasting flavor which is a mixture of various things, including strawberry and cherry.


This grape flavor is a mix of so many tastes, such as acidness, sweetness and saltiness, all in equal measure. It awakens your taste buds with the first puff and gets you glued to the last puff.


A tropical taste is achieved by blending natural and synthetic raw materials to give a fruity, winy, sweet and acidic note. It is a strong flavor that rests on your tongue for a while.

Mixed berries

A striking balance of different types of berries to achieve this breathtaking flavor. It is interesting and unique to the different individual berry flavors

Blueberry ice

This flavor is a mix of sweet blueberries and cool and chilly menthol. Menthol creates an aftertaste and a cool, relaxed feeling in your mouth.

Where to purchase the A37 disposable vape

The A37 disposable vape is available directly from the AAOK Vape website. This is the leading wholesale distributor of premium vaping products. AAOK Vape offers OEM and ODM services at reasonable prices ranging from $1.8 to $3.5 per vape, offering 600 to 20,000 puffs. Visit the site today and enjoy great prices, high-quality products, and satisfactory customer service. 

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