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Hyde bar is a disposable vaping device. These devices are not only pre-filled but also buttonless design and pre-charged, allowing vaping to enjoy vaping without the challenge of maintenance.

 Hyde N Bar vape is the new addition to the Hyde bars collection. If you’re a new vaper looking for something to satisfy your nicotine cravings, try the Hyde bars collection.

 This premium product comes in 20 different flavors. Although compact, Hyde n bar recharge generates up to 4500 puffs and has 5% nicotine strength. Moreover, it has a stylish design that makes it unique. The review will provide the best flavors of Hyde n bar disposable vape.

Hyde n bar Disposable Vape Flavor Profile

Strawberry Ice Cream

•           Banana Ice

•           Cherry Peach Lemonade

•           Bananas & Cream

•           Sour Apple Ice

•           Raspberry Watermelon

•           Dewberry

•           Blue Razz Ice

•           Minty O’s

•           Peach

•           Brazmallows

•           Caribbean Colada

•           Tropical

•           Strawberry Banana

•           Summer LUV

•           Aloe Grape

•           Strawberry Kiwi

•           peach Mango Watermelon

•           Mango Peaches & Cream

•           OJ

•           Energize

•           Blue Razz Lemonade

•           Strawberry Guava Ice

Design and Quality

Hyde N Bar is a highly eye-catching disposable vape with a bright and colorful design that catches the eye, thanks to the rainbow-type multicolored effect.

Additionally, it features a unique golf ball texture that makes it easy to grip, and its smooth sides make it comfortable to keep in hand. The large mouthpiece is comfortable on the lips.

Is Hyde N Bar Rechargeable

One of the outstanding features of the Hyde N Bar disposable is that it can be recharged using a Micro USB charger. This allows you to enjoy your preferred vape juice fully without worrying about the 600mAh battery dying before you finish the last drop. It takes about one hour to recharge to get a full day’s worth of vaping. The battery provides a reliable and high-quality vaping experience and has a 4500-puff lifespan.


The Hyde N Bar disposable vape has a good vape juice capacity, so you’ll have enough to enjoy the flavor. Each vape has a 50mg nicotine content that provides 4500 puffs, and you can start enjoying rich, smooth vapor straight away with a mouth-to-lung (MTL) performance. Grab one today for $11.99 instead of the regular rate of $18.99 at West Coast vape supply. This is a better value for your money because it offers 4500 puffs and is also rechargeable. However, you get free shipping if you buy an order worth $100.

Pros and cons


  • 20 flavors to choose
  • An inbuilt 600mAh battery that can be recharged
  • 50 mg (5%) salt nicotine that generates up to 4500 puffs
  • Fluffing mouth-to-lung hits
  • High-end finish and nice grip


The micro-USB charging can be slow

Bottom Line

The Hyde N Bar disposable vape is undoubtedly a fashionable device, but it’s not just about aesthetics. When you use this disposable, you’ll have an excellent vaping experience as well. This rechargeable device has various outstanding features, including; aesthetic appeal, generating 4500 puffs, and a perfect grip. Hyde N Bar disposable vapes deliver a lot of puffs for your money and the capability to recharge, making them popular for many vapers. They’re worth trying, especially if you’re interested in trying a range of delicious vape juices.

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