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When you are just getting started with creating DIY e-liquids, it is much easier when you have a source of inspiration for DIY recipes vape flavors. In this post, we will identify the top-rated e-liquid recipes that are popular among vapers and DIY fans. These DIY e-liquid recipes have been selected based on the popularity numbers of interested Pinterest followers and feedback. The list comprises of 3 best original e-liquid recipes and 3 top-rated e-liquid clone recipes. This is going to be an excellent foundation to start making your own DIY e-liquids.

Mango e-liquid vape juice recipe (over 5,000 Pinterest views)

If you are a fan of tropical fruit e-liquid recipes, you are going to instantly fall in love with this delicious mango cream e-liquid. The mango taste is combined with a hint of graham cracker and vanilla. This blend is balanced with a touch of lemon and creamy flavors.  The ingredients in this DIY recipe are all from the Capella brand. They include mango, butter cream, vanilla custard, vanilla bean ice cream, Capella graham cracker, New York cheesecake, and sweet cream.

Blueberry ice cream e-juice recipe (over 6,000 Pinterest views)

Although red fruits are very popular in many e-liquid recipes, blueberries are increasingly gaining their place in the hearts of DIY recipe vape flavor makers. The blueberry cream recipe balances the tangy fruit and cream to give you an unctuous dessert taster and the best vape juice. Ingredients include blueberry, vanilla bean ice cream, graham cracker, Bavarian cream and supersweet.

Strawberry cupcake vape e-liquid recipe (Over 7000 Pinterest views)

In the vape world, strawberry is among the favorite flavors among vapers. In this recipe, the strawberry is blended with marshmallow and blueberry to create a fine and delicious vanilla cupcake dessert vape flavor. The concentrates in this recipe are from LorAnn and Capella. They include vanilla cupcake, blueberry, Capella strawberry, and marshmallow.   

Clone DIY E-liquid recipes

Clone DIY recipes vape flavors are in many cases close to the popular original e-juices. As such, these e-liquids have the distinction of being placed in the same platform as the original juices without disappointing vapers. The following are some of the best clone vape juices that were handpicked based on the popularity and great positive feedback.

Tribeca Halo DIY e-liquid recipe clone (over 6,000 Pinterest views)

The Tribeca Halo is a popular e-juice that has been widely copied in the vape world. The e-juice is a combination of strong tobacco with subtle vanilla and roasted notes. The ingredients for the Tribeca Halo clone recipe are from Capella and The Flavor Apprentice brands. They include Graham cracker, acetyl pyrazine, and ethyl maltol.

Halo Malibu DIY e-liquid clone (over 5,000 Pinterest views)

If you are a big fan of the Halo Malibu e-juice and want to make your own clone of the juice, this DIY e-liquid clone recipe is what comes closest to the juice. The clone recipe is a fruity blend of coconut and pineapple mixed together with rum and a menthol hint. The recipe’s concentrates are from Flavor West, The Flavor Apprentice, and Capella.  They include pina colada, koolada, and Jamaican rum.

Grants vanilla custard clone DIY recipe (over 10,000 Pinterest views)

Fans of the mythical Grant vanilla custard clone e-liquid think that the recipe is elaborate. It seems simplicity is actually an important success factor. This is perhaps why it was enough to just use a custard flavor to a sweet milk blend and create one of the best DIY recipes vape flavor. The recipe’s concentrates are from Flavor West and Capella brands. They include Dulce de leche and vanilla custard.   

Flavorah also provides an extensive DIY vape resource book that can get you started in making your own vape juice. We recommend that you also start with one or two flavors that you can easily get at

We love to hear from you. Let us know which one of the DIY recipes vape flavors above is your favorite. Is there any DIY recipe you think we should include or feature in our next post? Let us know in the comment section below.     

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