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There are a few routes for people looking to quit smoking. In recent years, vaping has become a publicized way to quit smoking cigarettes. This works by smokers weaning themselves offer nicotine. Although the process can be slow, it works for most because it does not require an abrupt stop to nicotine intake. However, there are issues with vaping and this has led people to seek other healthier options. This is where alternative herbal cigarettes come into play. With these cigarettes, you can enjoy the sensations of smoking without consuming tobacco. And one brand has created the perfect alternative cigarette product that looks, feels, smells, and tastes like it contains tobacco. However, it is completely tobacco and nicotine free. This brand is called TAAT, a US company that launched operations in 2012.

The TAAT brand has a collection of impressive alternative cigarettes made with natural food-grade ingredients. Instead of tobacco or synthetic nicotine, TAAT cigarettes contain high-quality organic CBD extracted from US-grown hemp. So with TAAT, you get to enjoy the benefits of CBD while breaking the hold nicotine has on you.

Besides organic CBD, TAAT uses a patented formula in production called Beyond Tobacco. This patented ingredient is designed to impersonate the taste, smell, and feel of traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. Even the most experienced smoker will not be able to tell the difference between smoking TAAT sticks and another nicotine-based cigarette. This TAAT design is intentional so smokers can continue enjoying smoking while breaking the habit slowly.

It should be noted that although TAAT alternative cigarette sticks contain hemp-extracted CBD, it is will not get you high. All TAAT products contain less than 0.2 percent THC. TAAT only sources hemp from farmers that have grown hemp according to the dictates of the 2018 Farm Bill.

TAAT alternative cigarettes come in three different flavors. Each flavor is designed to appeal to smokers with specific interests. Original, Smooth, and Menthol all taste like particular tobacco-based brands.

Original: This TAAT cigarette has a flavor that can be described as bold. Original by TAAT tastes like Marlboro Red, American Spirit Blue, and Winston.

Smooth: This tobacco-free cigarette flavor has a light taste that will remind you of smoking cigarette brands like American Spirit Yellow, Pall Mall Blue, and Marlboro Gold.

Menthol: This TAAT cigarette flavor offers a rich mint flavor with a refreshing taste. TAAT’s Menthol will appeal to smokers who enjoy brands like Kool, and Marlboro Menthol. And smoking Newport tobacco free smokes is similar to Menthol by TAAT.

All TAAT tobacco-free cigarettes contain about 25mg of CBD per stick. And the packaging of these TAAT cigarettes is made similar to traditional brands. Each pack contains about 20 TAAT sticks and you get 10 sticks per cartoon.

You can buy a TAAT pack for $6.99 directly from the manufacturer at At this store, you get fast shipping services on all orders. It should be noted that TAAT does not ship out to all 50 US states. Check the TAAT store for information concerning your state.

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