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So, you’ve decided to give vaping a chance, but you are confused about what type of device to get. You’ve probably sought advise from your friends and turned to the Internet to do a little research.

Well, if you are trying to figure out which vaping device will suit you best, rest assured you are not alone. There are several factors to consider. First things first, you have to understand what a vape pen, a box mod or a mech mod is.

  1. Vape Pen

Vape pens, otherwise called as vaporizer pens, or vapor pens, are small vaporizers that resemble a pen in shape. This type of vaping device is a step above cigalikes.

Vape pen mods are usually powered by a small battery. They feature an atomizer that contains the heating system as well as a tank where your vape juice is loaded. Unlike cigalikes, vape pens are not disposable. It is very easy to use a vape pen. You simply need to press a button when taking a hit. Vape pens do not come with display screens or any complicated features. This makes them ideal for beginner level vapers. It will also suit experienced vapers who want to vape discreetly on-the-go.

  1. Box Mod

Box mods are one of the most powerful types of vaporizers. They are usually shaped like a box, thus the name. Box mods are bigger and have more powerful batteries than vape pens or smaller devices.

Box mods are perfect for vapers who want to customize their vaping experience. You can change the atomizers and tanks that you use with this type of mod. It also supports temperature control, wattage control, and other advanced features. For beginners, wattage is the amount of power delivered by the battery to the atomizer. It is not advisable to vape at a high wattage unless you are a veteran vaper. Generally, under 80 watts will do for beginners.

Just like other vaporizers, box mods are powered by a battery that heats up a coil. The coil can be found inside the atomizer. When the coil is hot, it vaporizes the e-liquid in the wick.

The Smok H-Priv 2 box mod is currently one of the most powerful box mods today. Overall, Smok has the best vape mod on the market. It produces a maximum output of up to 225 watts and is powered by dual 18650 batteries.

  1. Mech Mod

Lastly, a mechanical mod (or mech mod for short) is an unregulated device that does not contain a circuit board. In other words, power runs directly off a battery; thus, vapor production and the general performance of the device decreases as the battery weakens. Also, mech mods will fire regardless of the resistance of your coil. Therefore, you must have proper knowledge of ohms to avoid accidents when using a mech mod.

Mech mods are ideal for seasoned vapers who are into cloud chasing or flavor chasing.

The Lost Vape Furyan Mech Mod is one of the best mechanical mods by Vape Snob. It features a 9-mL silicon bottle system with a mechanical bottom feeder. It is powered by a single battery and provides a nice balance of functionality and power.

For more information about the different types of vaping devices and how to use them, check out The vaping blog contains everything you need to know about vaping devices including how to use them and where to get them at affordable prices.

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