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One of the biggest hurdles to going digital and somewhat confusing aspects of electronic cigarettes is the pricing. Especially if you don’t necessarily want to quit smoking or using nicotine.

After all, when a smoker is out of smokes, getting the next nicotine fix is just the price of a pack away.

All too often, for smokers to become vapers they must spend anywhere from $35 to $100 to get that first starter kit quite a leap when times are lean. And they must wonder I thought e-cigarettes were supposed to be cheaper.

Well, they are but it’s the cartridges or e-liquid within that brings in the savings.

But while it’s often initially a hit to the pocketbook to convert, this isn’t the case with EonSmokes new Economy starter kits, which come with two filled cartridges, rechargeable battery, and USB charger cable for only $12.95 just a bit more than a pack of cancer sticks.

While it’s not a Christmas Special per se, this is a perfect holiday stocking stuffer for smokers or a gift for you and everyone who says you should quit tobacco.

More and more, there is less and less of an excuse

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