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Looking for an all-day vape? I’ve got one for you. This unique and interesting e-juice flavor brought to us by Slim’s E-Juice.

Peach Cobbler Premium E-Liquid is one of Slim’s E-Juice’s finest blends. The taste and aroma of this e-juice would not mess up your taste buds at all. I suggest that you take a break from vaping your usual e-liquids and try this one.

I’ve come up with this review to give you all the details you need before purchasing your first bottle of Peach Cobbler.

Flavor Description

Peach Cobbler Premium E-Liquid by Slim’s E-Juice is an e-liquid with a rich and delicious flavor. If you like baked goodies and peaches, this blend would thrill you. Peach Cobbler is popular in the United Kingdom and the US. It is not a typical vape juice flavor. The flavor delivers if you crave sweet and tasty pies.

The taste of Peach Cobbler will linger in your mouth and the flavor is very consistency. The aroma is stimulating.


All the e-liquids from Slim’s E-Juice are 100 percent safe. Slim E-juice’s only purchases ingredients from trusted suppliers based in the US. A bottle of Slim’s E-Juice’s Peach Cobbler contains flavorings and PG/VG.

PG/VG Ratio

Slim’s E-Juice’s Peach Cobbler has a Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) of 60/40.

Vapor Production

You need to use a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) to get the most out of this flavor of this blend. You may also choose to use a sub ohm tank to vape this e-juice. If you’re a cloud chaser you will enjoy vaping Peach Cobbler as it produces abundant vapor.

Nicotine Strength

Slim’s E-Juice gives you different nicotine concentration levels to choose from when buying Peach Cobbler. The nicotine strength levels available for this e-juice are 0mg (or no nicotine at all), 2mg, 4mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg.

About the Manufacturer

As indicated already, Slim’s E-Juice’s e-liquids are made from top-class ingredients. The company has thrived in the world of vaping thanks to their affordable pricing. The ingredients contained in the e-liquids from this brand are top caliber. All the ingredients that this company uses have passed through strict standards. Slim’s E-Juice blends are manufactured in a clean lab based in Manchester, Tennessee, USA.

Slim’s E-Juice currently has a wide series of flavors – ranging from simple flavors inspired by fruits to a variety of flavors inspired by candies, beverages, desserts, and pastries. You can choose from flavors like Orange Dreamy Cupcake, Lemon Bars, Oatmeal Cookie, Raspberry Donut, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Coffee Candy, Chewy Peanut Butter, and a lot more. The e-liquids are all accessible for shipment internationally.


Peach Cobbler by Slim’s E-Juice’s comes in a bottle that is sealed with a child-resistant cap. The e-juice is available in different bottle sizes namely 30ml, 50ml, 236ml, 473ml, and 946ml. You will find a lot of details about the product such as the flavor name, brand logo, and volume of the content on the label. The usual warnings are also present.


A 30ml bottle of Peach Cobbler Premium E-Juice can be bought at at an affordable rate of $9.50. 


Overall, Peach Cobbler is a fascinating e-liquid flavor. Slim’s E-Juice blends always deliver and Peach Cobbler is not an exception. This is an awesome addition to your meal after a tiring day at the office. It doesn’t dry your mouth despite its rich vapor. The flavor is mind-blowing and something new. Give yourself a chance to try this lovely vape juice.

Where to buy

Peach Cobbler by Slim’s E-Juice is available at Slim’s E-Juice’s website. You can explore the website to see the whole range of e-liquids from this company. Visit now and grab a bottle of your soon-to-be favorite e-juice!

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