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There are several flavored e-juices available at PinkVape. All these are from brands that have been in the vaping industry for some time now. These products are sure to be the best ones on the market today. You are able to check out these products at the PinkVape website. Once you visit the PinkVape website, you will see that the products available are presented very well. You will not have any challenges in choosing the best ones for you because all the products are laid out clearly with the proper descriptions.

PinkVape has excellent customer service and you will have a pleasant experience once you deal with them. There are special deals from the company that you can avail of. All you have to do is visit their website to get a chance to take advantage of these deals.

You will notice that the products at PinkVape are grouped by collection. There are several collections of e-juices that you will find online. Two of these collections are Beard E-juice and Donuts E-juice. When you check on both of these e-liquid collections, you surely will find the vape juice that is right for you. The flavors from these collections of e-liquids are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Once you taste these, you definitely will get hooked.

Beard E-juice Collection

The Beard E-juice collection is available at PinkVape. These products are made from high-quality ingredients. The company has been around for some time now. It started off with three e-juice flavors. However, as time went by and the vaping industry becoming more popular, Beard E-juice has made more flavors. All these are available at PinkVape.

You will notice that the flavors from Beard E-juice are varied. It has e-liquids that have fruity flavors and there are also those that are a dessert flavor. If you check the collection, you sure will find the flavor that you desire. There are also different bottle sizes for each of the e-juice flavors from Beard Vape Juice. Once you try one of the flavors from this collection, you sure will be coming back for more. You will find it easy to buy Beard Vape e-liquid online.

Donuts E-juice Collection

Another collection that you will find at Pinkvape is Donuts E-juice. The collection has been inspired by the cartoon character Homer Simpson’s favorite strawberry iced donuts. It is now available at PinkVape in a 30ml bottle. The collection has the real taste of strawberry iced donuts that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. You sure will want to have one from the Donut vape juice.

Donut E-juice has several flavors that you are able to choose from. These are all made from high-quality ingredients that will make you want to vape all day with. These flavors are Blueberry Donuts, Marshmallow Man, Honey Bear, Pebbles Donuts, and Treats E-juice. You can buy Donuts vape juice online.


You for sure will get the best-tasting e-liquids from Beard and Donuts E-juice collections. These two premium e-juice collections are easy to find on the PinkVape website. You will get only the best from these brands. All e-liquids from these collections are very flavorful. You will want more of these e-juices once you get to taste them.

If you are one looking for a unique blend, you will want to try these brands available at PinkVape. The Beard E-juice collection has the fruity and creamy flavors combined. You will get the rich tasting e-liquids and you will want these as your daily vape juice.

If you are one who is more inclined to iced strawberry flavors. Then you should try something from the Donuts E-juice collection. This collection has a wide array of flavors all with hints of donuts in them. You will definitely enjoy this collection and you will surely enjoy the taste as you vape on.

When you visit the PinkVape website, you will see both Beard and Donuts E-juice collections in it. The great thing is you get the best value for your money because these collections are so affordable. The prices range from $29.99 to $49.99 depending on the bottle content. All the products under these two collections can easily be ordered on the PinkVape website.


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