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Last summer, my friends and I went to this strawberry farm and we went strawberry picking of course. I love the growing season, especially seeing things in full bloom. So, after harvesting a basket full of strawberries, we headed home and made a tasty sour strawberry drink. Today, I passed by a stall of strawberries and remembered those fun memories including the delicious taste of that drink.

As much as I want to drink it, I also want to get myself that same taste in vape form. After some trials and errors, I think I have found the perfect match in the Sour Strawberry e-liquid from Cheap E-Juice. Read my review below and see if this will also remind you of some good old memories.

“Sour Strawberry by Cheap eJuice is a sour strawberry flavored e-juice that is absolutely satisfying and tastes like no other sour strawberry you have had before.”

First puff and all of my senses were blown. This e-juice is unlike anything I have tasted. On the inhale, you get the delicious taste of strawberries. Then upon exhale, a punch of the sour flavor kicks in and comes dancing across your palate. One reason I totally fell for this blend is because it is not overpoweringly sweet and then sour. The flavor is on point and smooth enough not to wear your mouth out. You do not just easily “get use to it” like other flavors that seem to happen to.

This blend comes in two nicotine strengths – 3 mg and 6 mg. Drippers with rebuildable atomizers like RDAs or RBAs or vapers with more advanced sub-ohm tank systems are recommended to try the 3 mg of nicotine version. While the 6 mg of nicotine is a good start for current moderate or light vapers. If you are totally new to this world, I suggest you start at the lowest available strength first then gradually increase if you find the previous one unsuitable.

The Sour Strawberry blend by Cheap E-Juice has a ratio of 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. The juice has a great physical consistency that is not too runny or sticky, making it great for dripping or vaping from any tank. Another thing I love about this also is that this does not easily gunk up your coil and cotton.

Speaking of throat hit, the Sour Strawberry delivers a pleasant and non-irritating sensation. The flavor is perfectly blended, and one does not overwhelm the other. This is absolutely a guaranteed solid all-day, all-week, or all-month vape. Meanwhile, if you intend to have a cloud party, count this baby in. It can absolutely produce massive clouds that will prolong for quite a time.

The e-liquid is comes in a chubby gorilla bottle with a child-resistant cap. I like how I can easily squeeze the juice out of the bottle without creating so much mess because of its quick pour dripping narrow tip. Tagging this baby along is easy as well, thanks to its pocket-friendly size. It can fit in your pockets or small purse. I also love the minimalistic approach of its look. The details printed on the label are straightforward. On the front area, you can immediately see the vertically printed brand name “Cheap Ejuices” then just below it you can find a colored logo, the flavor, and the content size.

At first I thought 120 mL is too much. But since I found out how good this is and finished an entire bottle in less than a month, I wish it had bigger sizes. But seriously, let me give you another reason to love this juice: its price tag. Remember I said 120 mL? Now, where in this world can you possibly buy a 120-mL e-juice for as low as $12.99? Surprising right?! But my point really is where can you find a vape juice with such good quality, on point flavor, and excellent vapor/ cloud production for $12.99? I will leave those questions to your discretion. Click here to get the best vape juice deals.

Meanwhile, Cheap E-Juice’s Sour Flavors collection has two other blends available — the Sour Apple and Sour Watermelon. Both blends also offer mouth-watering and delectable tastes that are hard to resist. Visit the Cheap Ejuice website now!

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