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Next time youre in your favorite nightclub and you feel like firing up a smoke with that Martini, it would probably not hurt your coolness factor to have one of these Dragonfly E-Cigs with you.

Dragonfly is offering these neat LED-illuminated clear cartomizers (they call them cartomizers) to go with their electronic cigarettes partly because of their prettiness, and partly because you can see when they need to be refilled.

Available in five colors, you can light them up in white, black, green, blue or purple depending on your preference of Star Wars light sabers perhaps?

Dragonfly e-cigs are available in dozens of flavors, some of which are correspondent to well-known tobacco brands, but the company finds itself unable to identify them.

On its website, Drag0nfly specifies that we are not permitted to use any trademarked names even in the descriptions of how the ejuice tastes.

Which means you’ll have to use your imagination as you pore over all their tobacco flavors and strengths.

In fact, if youre looking to quite nicotine altogether, they even feature a no-nicotine level that you can grade down to if that’s your long-term electronic cigarette objective

May the force be with you!

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