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Be the envy of your vaping peers when you use the Humble OG disposable vape from the renowned, world-famous Humble Juice co. The vape is the first-ever disposable vape from the brand, famous for its specially crafted mouthwatering rejoices varieties. As a first-ever vape creation, the Humble Juice co has done an outstanding job incorporating the top features that every vape enthusiast looks for. 

Humble Juice co is a Californian-based vape brand that has been operational since 2015. The company started as a vape juice brand, but in 2021, it spread its wings to incorporate the manufacture of disposable vapes into its operations. The disposables come in different capacities and contain various types of vape juices, including freebase, salts, tobacco-free nicotine salts, and tobacco-free nicotine. The Humble OG disposable is one of the best-selling products from this brand, and here is why…

Top features

7 familiar, tantalizing flavors

Remember the liquids from Humble Juice co that we all love? Well, you can find all of them in these disposable vapes. Enjoy the tantalizing flavors ranging from sweet to tart and acidic for the pure pleasure of your taste buds. You can choose one, two, or more of the following flavors and enjoy solo or with friends;

  1. Blue Slushee 
  2. Donkey Kahn
  3. Fruit Punch
  4. Guava Kahn
  5. Mean Mango
  6. Peach Pleasure
  7. Smash Mouth

7ml vape juice capacity

The large vape juice capacity guarantees longevity and pure bliss. Instead of buying one-day vapes, try a vape that will take you several weeks to deplete. This way, you no longer have to spend the extra money, and you get to enjoy your favorite flavor for longer. 

Powerful integrated battery

The Humble OG disposable vape comes with a long-lasting, powerful rechargeable battery. Unlike other disposable vapes, this device lasts longer to ensure you enjoy long hours of vaping before it requires to be charged. 

3000 puffs

The 7ml vape juice and the rechargeable battery guarantee up to 3000 flavor-filled puffs. This is equivalent to smoking 15 packs of conventional cigarettes. 

Compact and appealing design

The compact vapes can easily fit into your pocket, which allows you to retrieve and store them at your convenience. This is an excellent device for people who are always on the go. Looking at the Humble OG disposable vape, it is clear nothing has been left for change. The impeccable design gives it a sleek, classy look that attracts and captures your attention in an instant. 

The finish is done professionally to ensure a firm grip. The disposable vape comes in different, vibrant colors ranging from red and black, yellow and black, pink and black, blue and black, orange and black, purple and black, and green and black.  

Durable material 

The Humble OG disposable vape is made from a durable material that protects it from falls, scratches, and any type of impact. Although it is disposable, ensuring it stays in the best conditions is essential in getting the best vaping experience. 

Autodraw mechanism

Say goodbye to buttons and embrace the auto draw feature offered by the Humble OG. To operate the vape, simply place your lips on the mouthpiece and start making your draws. 


Looking at the design, performance, longevity, and convenience the Humble OG disposable vape offers, this is definitely a must-have vape device. Turn your vaping session into a thrilling experience by using the right device. The device is highly recommended. 

Where to buy the Humble OG disposable vape

You can purchase the Humble OG disposable vape from the best online vape shop – Guide to Vaping. The product retails for $15.99.

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