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How about trying a healthier, affordable, and easily accessible alternative to regular cigarettes? TAAT herb cigarettes look, feel, and taste just like regular cigarettes. The only difference is the content used to make the two products. While conventional cigarettes are made of tobacco and nicotine, TAAT products consist of hemp and food-grade ingredients. With TAAT, you get to choose among three flavors: original, smooth, and menthol. 

TAAT Smooth pack

If you are a fan of Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit yellow cigarettes, then the TAAT smooth pack is your ultimate choice. This pack has a flavor similar to mild tobacco with some nutty hints. The light yet bold flavor will excite the palate, making nicotine craving a thing of the past. 

TAAT original pack

This is for anyone who enjoys bold, original flavors. The TAAT original pack’s flavor is reminiscent of the much-consumed Winston, American Blue Spirit, and Marlboro Red. Make the switch to TAAT CBD cigarettes and enjoy the same feel, taste, and look as your conventional cigarettes. Maintain the rituals while consuming zero nicotine and zero tobacco products. 

TAAT menthol pack

Make the switch from addictive tobacco to the natural, healthier TAAT Menthol pack. The minty freshness experienced is similar to KOOL, Marlboro menthol, and Newport. There is no going wrong with this one. From the design to how it fits perfectly between the fingers, this pack is the ultimate alternative to nicotine-based cigarettes. 

Why choose TAAT CBD cigarettes?

TAAT has dedicated itself to producing top-quality hemp-based cigarettes. For years, tobacco cigarettes have been the source of many deaths and chronic illnesses. Finding a healthier alternative is imperative. Thanks to its top-notch products, TAAT has easily penetrated the market to become the newest trendsetter of hemp cigarettes. Here are five reasons why you should choose TAAT CBD cigarettes. 

  • Each pack consists of up to 25% CBD. This cannabinoid is known to have anxiolytic, analgesic, antiemetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies suggest that it could also aid in fighting addiction. 
  • The products contain less than 0.2% THC. This complies with US federal laws. Low THC means that the products are not intoxicating so, you don’t have to worry about mild-altering effects. Just enjoy the smoke. 
  • Smoking is one of the fastest ways of getting CBD into your system. Within minutes, you can expect to feel the effects kicking in. If you ever feel the craving creeping in, a puff or more of TAAT cigarettes will help keep it at bay. The products are the ultimate partner in your nicotine cleanse journey.
  •  TAAT is a reputable brand. All its products are tested for quality before being put on the market. You can easily work with this brand without worrying about consumer fraud. Transparency is one of their core value. Each product comes with a QR code linked to lab results from a third party, plus the customer reviews are very positive.
  • All TAAT products are made from a scientific point of view. The cigarettes are explicitly made to help tobacco consumers make a seamless transition from harmful substances to natural hemp. The smoking rituals are retained, and the only thing that changes is the content of the cigarettes. This makes weaning off nicotine and tobacco much easier. 

Where to purchase TAAT Herb Cigarettes

Each TAAT pack retails at $6.99. The carton contains 10 packs and is sold at 59.99. To know more about the brand or its comprehensive range of products, kindly visit Trytaat. Enjoy the first pack for free and free shipping for any order above $40.

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