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Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to heart diseases and congenital heart failure. It is very important to take care of their cardiovascular system. Heart-related issues in humans is not a playful situation, same as with dogs. It’s even harder for them because they can not voice all the pain they feel within and so it’s hard to find relief or support for them. This is why the healthy CBD Dog Treats for Heart + Immune System by Penelope’s Bloom is a welcome innovation. It is specially crafted to boost the immune system and heart health of your dog.

The CBD Dog Treats for Heart + Immune System is a pack of delicious chewy nutrient-packed snacks, specially crafted to tend lovingly to your dog’s heart and serve as a fuel drive for its immune system. The ingredients in these dog treats include full spectrum CBD, green tea extract, blueberries, Omega-3, and antioxidant-rich L-carnitine.

The benefits of full spectrum CBD cannot be overemphasized. It offers a range of nutrients such as proteins, omega 3 and omega 6, fatty acids, cannabinoids, and vitamins.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. Making sure your pet gets a wide range of vitamins is the best way to ensure your pet’s immune system is as strong as possible. These can be difficult to provide with a lot of pet foods, so supplementing your pet’s food with CBD oil is a good idea.

The CBD Dog Treats for Human and Immune System by Penelope’s Bloom comes in a packet with 30 treats. Each treat contains 10mg of CBD. You can purchase this product for $34.99 at

When you consider why you should trust this brand, the three main criteria you must look out for is quality, transparency and potency. If you find this in any brand, you can trust it. Penelope’s Bloom meets all three requirements. Its products are tested by a third-party laboratory and the results are available at its store.

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