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There has been a significant change in our lives in the last few years. We now live very quickly and want to live better lives. This way of living has had a significant impact on health. Today, there are two things that everyone agrees on. One is that we want to live healthier and better lives. That’s where the detonation industry comes in. They help people who want to live healthier lives. VOOPOO was founded in 2017 and has been very lucky to see many people switch from traditional tobacco to vaping products and get rid of the health risks of conventional tobacco. Some suppliers in the market only care about making money, and their non-compliance has also caused some damage to the industry. However, with the development of manufacturing standards as well as the phased rollout of regulations to keep the industry safe, the future market is vast.

People who want to get into the industry have to meet a higher bar now that there are more standard and stricter laws in different countries. This has made it more difficult for or even impossible for some businesses to stay legal and avoid breaking the rules. At the same time, it has also permitted the industry to change and move forward on a healthier and more robust development path.

Since VOOPOO was founded, it has been its goal to keep the industry stable and growing healthily. In addition, it takes a role in the improvement of industry standards and rules and makes contributions as well as efforts in the profession of atomization for all of the companies that are part of the group.

Products with a lot of creativity and energy

VOOPOO has quickly become a household name worldwide thanks to its DRAG series of products. [Chip] and [atomization] have been the two leading technology platforms that it has worked on the building. The company has come up with unique chips like GENE.FAN, GENE.AI, as well as GENE.TT. VINCI, ARGUS, and V are the four main product lines for VOOPOO. These are the four main product lines. VOOPOO doesn’t just work with big distributors. It also works with sub-distributors, wholesalers, and retailers and helps them sell faster and better and make the best money. It wants to keep developing more markets in many more countries shortly, making the products more widely available and making them one of the most influential brands in the world. In the future, VOOPOO will open branches in important markets like the USA, the UK, and Indonesia. These branches will be set up by local teams who will help local customers and partners faster and better.

VOOPOO places much emphasis on developing its core technology and making high-quality products to meet its customers’ needs. It wants to make products full of creativity and energy so that they can meet the needs of a wide range of people and make their taste experience better. In 2020, VOOPOO’s DRAG X and DRAG S products set new sales records around the world because of their improving GENE FAN chip technology, PnP, and TPP platforms. These products brought high atomization effectiveness and less taste to the market. They were a big hit with people, and one of the world’s biggest vape media websites named them THE BEST VAPE BRAND of 2020.

To lead from the front

VOOPOO has been getting awards and recognition for being new all the time. The company thinks that new ideas have been a big part of the growth. VOOPOO’s founder and CEO, Everest: “Although there is a lot of competition out there, only a revolution can make sure that a brand has a great competitive edge, that the company’s foundations will last, and that it won’t be driven out of the market.”

Many people have worked for Everest in the industrial and medical control fields for 15 years. He does a lot of research and development in electronic atomization and invests in a lot of high-tech businesses. One of VOOPOO’s brands has won a lot of awards, like 2020’s Best Vape Brand by ECIGCLICK and so on.

Everest has been encouraging VOOPOO to think more from the customer’s point of view. He thinks that many innovative initiatives are focused on the market and don’t pay attention to users’ pain points while using the product. This leads to creative projects focusing too much on economic benefits and not enough on the product experience and the social value that is created.

Forcing Yourself to Build a Brand

“Innovation allows companies always to think from the point of view and experience of their customers,” says Everest. This allows them to make products that meet both the material and emotional needs of their customers and let their customers enjoy the benefits of their new products. People in today’s society can always trust a company with a spirit of innovation. They can also push their competitors in the market to change the whole industry, which allows them to win the respect of society and make more money for themselves.

VOOPOO has handled the pandemic crisis very well because they keep coming up with new ideas. The business has always paid a lot of attention to finding new ways to sell things online. In addition, because VOOPOO has a powerful and professional supply chain, it has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic and has become a leader in the industry. In the post-Covid era, the atomization industry is expected to grow quickly because some countries don’t allow online sales, and offline sales are a big growth area for new product sales. In addition, because of the pandemic, people who used to smoke traditional tobacco are now trying to switch to vape products, which means that the number of people who use them has grown significantly. There isn’t much power in the VOOPOO brand’s market right now. In the future, VOOPOO will work harder to build the brand and become the brightest new star on the ground of atomization in the post-Covid era.

Standards are being pushed

VOOPOO will step up its efforts to develop new products, expand its sales channels, and build its brand influence to keep its lead in the industry in the next few years. VOOPOO will make and launch more new products and push the development of industry standards. More companies will likely start producing items that match the standard rules of the market. This will help the industry keep growing and developing in a long-term way.

You can read this from a quote: “VOOPOO GENE Tech platform is dedicated to developing the most technological innovations of muti-analysis.”

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