Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood

Cuttwood does not need any introduction. This vape juice maker well-known brand in the industry for its high-quality vape liquids. One of the top-selling e-liquids from Cuttwood is Unicorn Milk. This is one of the e-liquids that put the Cuttwood brand on the map. Unicorn Milk is a blend of strawberry and four different types of cream flavors. There are many strawberry and cream e-liquids on the market, but this one is on a whole different level. The taste is sublime. The flavor will captivate your taste buds.

When vaping Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood, you get the sweet and slightly sour taste of strawberries on the inhale with a creamy background. The taste doesn’t change much on the exhale, but the cream flavor stands out more. At times, the cream feels light and other times it is heavy. The flavor of this vape juice reminds me of a strawberry milkshake.

Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood comes with varying nicotine concentration levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The sensation is mild on the throat. 

Unicorn Milk has a vegetable glycerin (VG) propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This e-liquid is easy on coils. Also, it comes pre-steeped from the factory, but you can still steep it again for a few days. The cloud production of Unicorn Milk is awesome. 

Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk comes in a clear glass bottle with a black dropper cap. There is a black label on the bottle with the Cuttwood logo and other information about the product. The bottle of e-liquid is packed in a white box with a black label that is similar to the one you will find on the bottle. 

You can get Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk 120ml bottle of e-liquid for only $34.99 at E-Juice Pack. When you buy from this shop, you make a saving of $4.90. The usual price of this e-liquid is $39.89. Unicorn Milk is a must-try for every vaper who loves strawberry milk. E-Juice Pack does not only sell e-liquids but also vaping devices and accessories.

Source Orb 4 by SOURCEvapes

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery
  • A magnetic atomizer attachment which threads unto the battery. You put the atomizers inside it
  • Six different atomizers (1 x Quartz Single Coil Atomizer, 1 x Quartz Double Coil Atomizer, 1 x White Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer, 1 x Black Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer, 1 x Terra 2 Ceramic Coil-less Atomizer, and 1 x Source Nail Coil-less Atomizer)
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Premium Dab Tool
  • 1 x Wall Adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • Lifetime warranty

Source Orb 4 Specification

The Source Orb 4 is a wax pen for use on-the-go. It comes in three different colors; chrome, black chrome, and royal gold. The package includes six different atomizers. Each one is unique and gives you a different vaping experience. The battery supports a variable voltage battery that is controlled at the bottom. The variable voltage feature allows you to control your vaping experience. A lower voltage is perfect for vaping discreetly while a high voltage would give you thick clouds of vapor and a potent throat hit.

This SOURCEvapes device has some cool safety features. When you press the firing button five times quickly, you lock the device and essentially prevent accidental use.

 Other specifications of the Source Orb 4 include:

  • Adjustable Airflow: There are ten holes on the magnetic atomizer attachment that you can close or open. 
  • Dimension 2 x 4.25 x8 in
  • Delivery method: direct draw
  • 510 threading

The Source Orb 4 is available at E-Juice Pack for only $92.99. This is a discount of $7.00 on the price of this device – $99.99.

SOURCEvapes has been around for some time. The Source Orb 4 is the fourth generation device from this company.

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