Super Surfer is the latest desktop vaporizer from Colorado-based 7th Floor. This device is very versatile. You can use it to vape either dry herb or oils. It also works as an essential oil diffuser. That not all, you can choose to use a whip or fill the vapor in a bag. The device comes with all the accessories that you will need and more. You will struggle to find other desktop vaporizers on the market that have as much customization options as the Super Surfer. The device even has LED mood lights that you can change depending on the kind of ambiance you want. If you want a simple desktop device that can be used for vaporizing oils and herbs, this is a good choice. The device is built to last for many years.

The Super Surfer is made of thick stainless steel. It has the same shape as the Silver Surfer. However, there are a few differences. One of the most notable differences between the two devices is the air-filter nets at the base of the Super Surfer. Also, the new 7th Floor vaporizer comes with two knobs on the body as well as LED lights. The Super Surfer is available in different colors. For a few extra dollars, you can customize the color of your device or have the company design any image of your choice on it.

This device has a very simple structure. First, you have the base, which contains the fan, the heating elements, and the LED light. At the upper opening of the conical structure on this device, you have the heater outlet. As indicated already, you can choose to vape directly with a whip or attach a bag and use the fan to fill it. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned vaper, you will not struggle to use this device. Unlike the Silver Surfer, you will not have any problems changing the different parts of this vaporizer – even the heater cover.

The forced air filtration system of the Super Surfer is unique. According to 7th Floor, it can help to filter out dust particles, dirt, and even pet hair. The combination of the air filtration system and 7th Floor’s usual ceramic heating elements ensures that every hit you take from this device is full of flavor. The heating elements of this vaporizer are built to last. It is rust and degradation resistant and is suitable for 24/7 use at any temperature.

You will not struggle to use a whip or attach a bag to this device to store vapor. The package includes a vacuum pump that you can use to suck the dry herb into your wand. The slanted design of the heating system of this vaporizer ensures that the herb does not get into the heater element. It also puts less pressure on the heater cover.

Using the balloon bag is equally easy. The Super Surfer is designed with glass-on-glass connections so you will get tasty vapor from each hit. It also means that you can fix the joints and take them apart easily. This also makes the different parts easy to clean. Using the fan, you can fill up the bag with vapor quickly. As mentioned already, the device is designed to filter the air that gets into the bag. The glass wand of the Super Surfer has a unique valve system that ensures no flavor escapes from the bag.

In addition to all the impressive features mentioned already, the Super Surfer has customizable LED lights. There are eight light colors available, and you can choose from 11 light settings. Also, the package includes an aromatherapy dish that you can place over the heater cover. As you vape, the essential oil or scented wax that you put in this dish will also be vaporized. It does not get any better than this.

The only issue that some nitpicky vapers have highlighted with the Super Surfer is that it does not have a display screen on it so you cannot see the exact temperature level. Still, the knob works well for regulating the temperature.

You can get the Super Surfer from virtually any top vape store. This device usually costs about $420, but it is available on Ejuice Pack for only $361.19.

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